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Are guns allowed on the light rail stations at ASU?

Since ASU is a Gun Free Zone I didn't know if having a gun while riding on one of the light rail and passing thru one of the two stations at ASU would be considered illegal.

This ASU cop seems to say it is OK to have a gun when you are on light rail and pass thru one of the light rail stations on the ASU campus in Tempe.

The e-mail I received from the ASU cops follows.

Subject: Weapons Question
Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009 3:50 PM
From: "Jay Spradling"
To Whom it May Concern:

You weapons question to ASU was forwarded to me for response.

It is lawful for you to carry your weapon in plain view while riding the Metro Light Rail. You can also lawfully get off at any of the transit stations with your weapon fully exposed. If you exit a transit station and proceed to non-ASU property, you are not violating any law (assuming you are not acting recklessly, etc.). However, the campuses of Arizona State University (ASU) are deemed to be weapons-free zones and are posted as such. Walking into a campus with an exposed weapon could result in an arrest for Trespassing (13-1502).

In the event that you do wish to attend a meeting or function at ASU, you are welcome to go to one of the ASU Police facilities to secure your weapon for the duration of the meeting or event. However, I must remind you that you cannot walk through our campuses with a weapon to get to the Tempe or Downtown Phoenix police facilities. These buildings are accessible without walking through the campuses.

If you are in need of further assistance regarding this issue, feel free to contact me directly.


Jay Spradling

Assistant Chief

Arizona State University Police Department

480.965.7747 | FAX: 480.965.2111 |

On this issued I contacted the Tempe police and they said guns are legal on the light rail. The woman even contacted Homeland Security to verify it. She was real nice.

Oddly the idiot at the Phoenix police told me guns were not allowed on light rail. I am sure he is wrong.

If I remember correctly the Mesa cops who have one light rail station answered the question both ways. Guns are allowed unless a cop or Valley Metro employee gets a hair up his ass and says guns are not allowed.

I also contacted Valley Metro and they said guns are allowed on Light Rail. Only if unloaded. I think the unloaded part of the answer is wrong.