Legal Reference

Why you should never talk to the police

Below are links to a lecture by a law professor and a police officer outlining why you should never talk to a police officer. Well worth an hour of your time.

I can personally testify to the efficacy of the technique this lawyer describes at 7:40-8:20, where the client says that the IRS wants to ask him some questions even though the client is not the one being investigated and is not suspected of wrongdoing, and the lawyer says to refuse absolutely to talk to the IRS without being given immunity. I had this exact situation come up within the last year during an audit, and gave my accountant all of the reasons he brings up as to why I would not give any statement to the IRS without a guarantee of immunity, including the absolute inability to know if anything you ever do might be a violation of some part of the humongous tax code, or the possibility that I may describe some innocent transaction using incorrect terms that suggest illegal activity. And, like happened to this guy's client, the IRS dried up and went away.

This is just a fuckin' great film. Next time I give a personal protection course I'm going to extend it by a half hour just so I can include this.