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Arizona State Trust Land for Education

When Arizona became a state in 1912 the federal government set aside more then 10 million acres of land to be held in trust to support public education.

Today we still have 9,300,000 acres of this state trust land.

The land is to be sold and leased to support public education.

Now if you ask me for my Libertarian view the state could give all this land to the people who own it (which is the 6 million people that live in Arizona) and every person in the state would have 1.5 acres of land. Wow! That would eliminate the homeless problem.

I should get more information on this state trust land. A good starting point would be Mark Winkleman the guy who wrote this article.

And as it turns out Mark Winkleman is the Director of the Arizona State Land Department.

Land Grant & Designation of Beneficiaries

The Territory of Arizona was established on February 24, 1863, by an Act of Congress. This Act granted sections 16 and 36 of each township for the benefit of the Common Schools. Endowment of public lands for educational purposes was a practice established by the Northwest Ordinance in 1787. Congress quickly recognized the value of the land and the importance of public schools to a developing nation.

The State Enabling Act, passed on June 20, 1910, allowed the Territory of Arizona to prepare for statehood. In addition to the previously designated sections of land, the Enabling Act assigned sections 2 and 32 of each township to be held in trust for the Common Schools. The needs of other public institutions were considered by Congress, and through the Enabling Act, more than two million additional acres were allocated for their use.

In addition, a 1929 Act authorized an additional 50,000 acres for the Miners’ Hospital Trust. An 1881 Act had already granted the Territory of Arizona about 60,000 acres for the University of Arizona Trust. The total acreage was about 10,900,000. Today, State Trust Land is apportioned among 14 beneficiaries as follows:

  • Common Schools (K-12) 8,074,271
  • Legislative, Executive & Judicial Buildings 64,257
  • State Hospital Grant 71,237
  • Miners’ Hospital (1929) 46,569
  • Miners’ Hospital 46,031
  • State Charitable, Penal & Reformatory Institutions 76,437
  • Penitentiary Grant 76,104
  • Normal Schools Grant 174,216
  • Agricultural & Mechanical Colleges 124,872
  • Military Institutes Grant 80,168
  • School of Mines Grant 123,242
  • University Land Code 137,477
  • University of Arizona (Act of 2-18-1881) 53,039
  • School for the Deaf & Blind 80,869

Total 9,228,787


What a rip off the b*st*rds charge us money to use land we own!!!


All recreational activities (execpt hunting and fishing) require an ASLD Recreational Permit. Commercial recreational activities or recreational events that charge a participation fee, i.e. hot air balloon rides, jeep tours, hayrides, horseback rides, bicycle races, equestrian events, ultra light aircraft, etc., may be considered under an ASLD Special Land Use Permit, but not under an ASLD Recreational Permit.


Individual Permits 1 Year $15.00
Family Permits 1 Year $20.00
Group event permit 1 Year or less $50.00
Group event permit for less than 20 persons 5 Days or less $15.00

I shouuld get a permit and use it for ID



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